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Some of One Pagers unique features


Step 1 > Season

A perfect blend of spices.  Garlic.  Onion.  Salt.  Red pepper.  Orange peel.  Paprika.  Green bell peppers.  Lemon juice.

Learn more about the seasoning >


Step 2 > Bake

Baked to perfection.  Every time.  This method makes sure your chicken is thoroughly cooked without overcooking.  Tender.  Moist.  Juicy.

Learn more about the baking method >


Step 3 > Slice

Slice the chicken this way for the most tender and delicious chicken salad.

Lean more about how to slice >


Step 4 > Eat

Eat it now.  Save some for leftovers.  This method makes it easy to cook a whole week's worth of meals at one time.

Learn about serving and planning ahead >